Location & Transportation

How long will BIA be at the Norcross location and what is the address? 
–  BIA is temporarily located at 3159 Campus Drive, Norcross GA 30071. We are currently under contract with our new permanent location at 3031 Shallowford Rd. Chamblee, GA 30341 with a target opening date of Fall of 2019. 

Where is the permanent location for BIA?
–  3031 Shallowford Rd. Chamblee, GA 30341

What transportation options will be available?
–  Transportation will not be provided by BIA. There are a strong Parent Driven transportation options found here: Parent Council

School Day & Class Sizes

What time does school begin and end?
–  School begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm.

Is there be an after school program?
–  Yes, there is an after school program. (see on menu on left hand side)

Can I drop my child off prior to 8:00 am?
–  Students can arrive as early as 7:30 am. Supervision will be provided for students in the gym/cafeteria.

How big are classes?
–  All class sizes for Kindergarten through eighth grade will be twenty students with one teacher.

How many classes are there in each grade?
–  There will be three classes in each grade.

Do you have teacher aides?
–  There is teacher aide who will float among the kindergarten classes. There are also special education aides.

Curriculum and Instruction

What is project based learning and how can I find out more about it?
–  Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. The Buck Institute for Education website is a great resource to find out more. Check it out at www.bie.org

What is blended learning and how can I find out more about it?
–  Blended learning is an instructional method that utilizes both online and in-person learning experiences. At times, the student works independently using the online curriculum, and at other times he or she works one-on-one or in a small group with their teacher. Blended learning allows for maximum personalization of the curriculum. 

Will world language instruction be offered?
–  World language is offered using the Rosetta Stone program for students in second through eighth grade. Students will choose from Mandarin, German, French and Spanish.

What curriculum is used for computer coding?
–  We use a combination of Tynker and Scratch.

How much physical activity do students have each day?
–  Students have recess at least once per day and as part of the Master Schedule, students will either have a second recess or a physical education class each day.

How does BIA serve students with Individual Education Plans?
–  We have two certificated special education teachers who are responsible for ensuring that Individual Education Plans are implemented with fidelity.

How does BIA serve English Language Learners?
–  We have a certificated ESOL teacher who develops plans for instruction of our English Language Learners.

How do you challenge students who learn different paces?
–  Blended learning allows for maximum flexibility and personalization. Teachers collect data on student performance daily and those who need more practice will be provided additional time and support. Students who demonstrate mastery of a concept are provided opportunity to deepen their learning or move on to the next concept at the discretion of the teacher.

What types of assessments does BIA give to its students?
–  BIA uses the Georgia Milestones assessment that is given by all public schools in the state. We also use the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress assessment to measure our students’ growth in math and English Language Arts. For more information about this assessment please check out their website at https://www.nwea.org/assessments/map/

Are young students be expected to complete daily homework?
–  There will not be homework for students in Kindergarten through third grade unless specifically agreed to by parent, student and the teacher.

How do you train teachers to effectively deliver project based learning and blended learning?
–   As a check point our teachers attend a 10-day workshop over the summer that supplements their with ongoing coaching and mentoring during the school year. Teachers are also be provided with time to collaborate and share data with their grade-level team.

Homes For Our Home (HFOH)

Unlike traditional schools, BIA receives no funding for facilities, leaving the school at a distinct financial disadvantage.  School leadership has chosen to turn this adversity into an opportunity by adopting a signature fundraising program that builds on teaching community outreach to children while incorporating Project-based Learning.



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